Welcome to the World of Fairies!

      If you travel to the second star to the right and fly straight on 'till morning you will reach the magical island of Neverland! And on that island behind a waterfall portal lies the secret world of pixiehollow, located in a valley, home to Tinkerbell and her Neverfairy friends! Every fairy who lives there has its own special talent, something that it is specially skilled at, the main nature talents includes water, light, animal, and garden. There are many more talents of many different topics, more than you could imagine! On this site we will have a few main talent pages, a map of neverland, history of pixiehollow,a guestbook, eventually a fairy talent quiz, and many more magical surprise! Have fun!

         - Lark, Pearl, Arianna, Melody& Chrystal

Also be sure to check out     pixiehollow.com      disneyfairies.com       &         pixiepalcae.weebly.com