A History of Pixie Hollow

      Pixie Hollow was not always the small patch of Neverland's forest that it is now. Once it was a great kingdom, cover forests,canyons,mountains, and lakes. Back then, it was a seperate place from Neverland. To get there you had to fly through a secret portal hidden behind a waterfall.

    At the time, the fairies made their homes in flowers, mushrooms, tree stumps, andother places all over Pixie Hollow. There was no home tree. In its place stood the pixie dust tree. The charmed dust billowed endlessly from the heart of the enchanted tree, giving the fairies the magic needed to travel to the world of children and inspire there belief.

    Thr fairieslived this way happily for many years. Then came the battle that destroyed the pixie dust tree. Pixie Hollow itself began to disappear, for without dust there could be no magic, and without magic there would be no belief in fairies. The fairies feared for there exsistance.

                               And then they found Mother Dove.


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                                                                                   by Gail Carson Levine